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Profiles and Interviews: Amanda Bobby Cooper

Profiles and Interviews: Amanda Bobby Cooper

Amanda Bobby Cooper1-INSIDEMy name is Amanda Bobby Cooper, my friends and family call me Bobby (which is my middle name). I have been called that my entire life. I grew up in a really small town north of Lansing, MI called Bath, MI. I lived there my whole life until i was 20 then I moved to Howell, MI to become closer to the Mixed Martial Arts gym that i train at (Scorpion Fighting System AKA SFS). I have been training with SFS for over a year now and also have been dating the head coach/owner for a year also. His name is James Gray and is a 11x nation no gi Jiu jitsu champion. When i was 13 my dad, Bob Cooper, introduced me and my two older sisters to our first pair of boxing gloves and I have been in love with boxing since then. My two older sister trained and competed in boxing for a little over a year and then they quit and went on to pursue other things, luckily i stayed with it. One night at the boxing gym, right after I graduated high school in 2010, my dad had talked me into doing one mma fight (just to see where is stood). At first, I told him “no way, I love boxing” but then by the end of the night, he had convinced me to do a fight. So the next day he called me and told me I had a fight in two weeks. that fight was scheduled for Dec 2, 2010 and I won with a TKO in the second round. A regular training day consists of my boyfriend and I waking up, and heading to the gym at around 9pm. We train until about 11 or 12pm (depends on the day) and then we head home to fix lunch and relax, we come back to the gym at 5pm and stay until 9-10pm. I teach a womans kickboxing class a few nights a week and then i train mma, jiu jitsu and wrestling.

If i was given a chance to fight any woman in the world, I honestly dont know who i would pick, theres so many women out there kicking butt. I have alot of work to do to get me there but when I get to their level, i want to fight the best. I want all my fights to be hard, tough, wars. I watch all the best female mixed martial artists and look up to them all. I would absolutely love to fight the top female contenders in the world. right now im working on getting there, but I can now say that after all my wrestling and jiu Jitsu training, I am now a real mixed mixed martial artist. Im not just a boxer anymore, and that feels great. I want to be the best Fighter pound for pound one day. Oddly enough when im not training i love to play video games, I play world of warcraft, Diablo, Skyrim, Halo and more. Im a nerd on the side. haha I used to play softball in high school and i still play slow pitch co-ed games in the summer. I also love just hanging out with other members of SFS, we are all a family and if im not at the gym for one day, I already miss them. Im only 21 and i have alot more to do in my life but as of now I would say I consider my greatest accomplishment is becoming a mixed martial artist, instead of the boxer that did well in mma. my first 3 mma fights, i just went out there and winged it, I only knew boxing and didnt even have the proper coaches to teach me anything else. after my first loss, the promoter of the fights i had been fighting for told me to get in contact with the best ground guy in the state of michigan (James Gray) Amanda Bobby Cooper3-Insideso a few months later I started driving 45 minutes out to his gym. I knew right away the type of Jiu Jitsu specialist he was. As we joke around in the gym, he teaches us “magic” Jiu Jitsu. He is also 12-0 in mma with all first round submissions. So yes, like i said before, my greatest accomplishment as of now is just transforming into a actual mixed martial artist. Its been a long, tough, emotional journey but i love entering in the cage now, knowing that i can stand with anyone and submit them on the ground. My plans and goal for the future is to be the best female mma fighter pound for pound. Im looking to get some sponcers and go pro soon. I want to dominate the womans pro league in michigan that then hopefully get picked up by a big pro league. I want to travel and fight all over the world, I think that would be the greatest career in the world. I would absolutely love to fight for Invicta. I love that league and think its wonderful. that would be my dream. I dont want to be the girl in mma that thinks shes tough, I want to wear heels to all my shows, chit chat with my opponents and then go in the cage and dominate. If i knock a girl down, i want to be the one to pick her back up. I hate all the fight drama that goes into mma. I dont belong to a fight club, I belong to a team and family of mixed martial artest trying to improve their selves as fighters and as human beings.

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