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What the F**k Am I Doing Here?

The thought repeated through my head as I walked into the venue. Ever since beginning my fresh start with Jiu Jitsu at my current academy, I had never considered myself a competitor. I had even made it a point to remind myself constantly that I despised competition,... read more

Are You Competing With A Purpose or Points?

Does competition Jiu Jitsu take away the love for the sport and transform it into a nerve-wracking, must score points or you’re worthless burden, or does it promote an appreciation for the art form?



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We All Know the Plateau

How do you compare to everyone else when you hit the dreaded plateau? Don’t be discouraged…embrace it.

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Big Does Not Equal Un-athletic

Size does not matter — or at least it shouldn’t in jiu jitsu. Bigger women can be just as athletic as anyone else.

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Competitor Profile: Tamara Leonard

Tamara Leonard has been training in the martial arts since 2010.  She currently holds the ranks of black belt in kenpo karate as well as a purple belt in jiu jitsu under the Hayastan style. Tamara trains and helps run the martial arts and fitness programs at Adventure... read more

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Hey, ladies, Girl-Jitsu wants to know about your upcoming events and tournaments in your area. We want to give as much exposure to events primarily for women or led by women. We also want to list as many tournaments as possible so other women can learn of the numerous opportunities out there to compete. If you know of any upcoming events and tournaments, let us know. Email us at Happy training!


Looking For Every Day MaMAs

What’s tougher than training and competing regularly? Training and competing regularly while being a mom! Girl-Jitsu wants to highlight those Pretty.Tough. moms who somehow find the time to do it all: train, compete, work and raise a family. If you know of any email us at so we can spotlight them on our web site. We look forward to your submissions!

Madeline Gousetis

Madeline Gousetis

MMA/Jiu Jitsu Fighter

Born: 25 July 2003
Home: St. Louis, Missouri
Trains at Finneys MMA and XXI Century Martial Arts
BJJ Orange Belt
Trains kickboxing under Benny Voykes
Orange Belt in Kenpo Karate
2012 NAGA National Champ All Girls 17 & under Gi and No Gi
2013 NAGA National Champion All Girls 17 & under Gi and No Gi
154 Tournament Fights
82-5 vs girls, only 1 loss in her division
2 Cage Fights
42-time NAGA Champ
Five Grappling Champ (Boys Division)
Gold medalist Abu Dhabi

Thanks again, Girl-Jitsu!
You all have done wonders for our program… we SO appreciate the love.

Beth T.

I’m so glad for Girl-Jitsu. They listen to their audience and make us women feel like we have a say in what we want to buy and how we want to train.

Tiffany C.

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