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Girl-Jitsu is looking for a few more good women to contribute articles to our site. We pride ourselves on being a platform for females in combat sports to have their voices heard. Share your opinions, experiences, advice and thoughts with other ladies across the globe. This is also a great opportunity to network and learn from others who put in time on the mat. Send articles — with pictures — to

What Happened When My Son Got Beat by a Girl

My name is Claudette. I attend a lot of jiu jitsu tournaments with my son, James. James is 10 years old and he’s extremely good (speaking as a mother and a spectator). He’s won 11 of his last 14 matches. The last match he got beat in was against a girl;... read more

Sex and BJJ -- Bad Mix?

Should women in combat sports feel exploited because they have hot bodies and the world is finally noticing. Or should they embrace this new found attention and use it to help the sport progress?

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Yoga Poses For BJJ

Yoga and jiu jitsu go hand-in-hand. They both take great discipline, and both stretch the limits of the mind and the body. Check out these 13 yoga poses to aid in bettering your jiu jitsu mobility and flexibility.

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Girl Power on the Mat

A mother shares her experience of talking to her son after losing a fight to a girl. Is this something parents — and instructors — should address?

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The 5 People You Meet in BJJ

1. Stinky – This person, usually a man but can be a woman, smells like they competed in a cesspool cleaning competition, made enemies with more than one skunk, and then laid out in the sun for a week so the stench was truly soaked into their skin and gi. They... read more

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Hey, ladies, Girl-Jitsu wants to know about your upcoming events and tournaments in your area. We want to give as much exposure to events primarily for women or led by women. We also want to list as many tournaments as possible so other women can learn of the numerous opportunities out there to compete. If you know of any upcoming events and tournaments, let us know. Email us at Happy training!


Looking For Every Day MaMAs

What’s tougher than training and competing regularly? Training and competing regularly while being a mom! Girl-Jitsu wants to highlight those Pretty.Tough. moms who somehow find the time to do it all: train, compete, work and raise a family. If you know of any email us at so we can spotlight them on our web site. We look forward to your submissions!

Cheraine Nelson

Cheraine Nelson

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter

How did you get into training? I got into it through my ex-husband. I started as a way to lose weight. I didn’t want to compete. After six months I entered my first tournament and liked it. I’ve been competing ever since.

Tournaments/Awards: I have competed in lots of tourmants, including Grapplers Quest, De La Riva Cup, Daytona Open, NAGA and the Florida State Championships. I’ve placed anywhere from first through third in white belt, blue belt and purple belt divisions.

I have a little boy who recently started training as well.

Thanks again, Girl-Jitsu!
You all have done wonders for our program… we SO appreciate the love.

Beth T.

I’m so glad for Girl-Jitsu. They listen to their audience and make us women feel like we have a say in what we want to buy and how we want to train.

Tiffany C.

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