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Girl-Jitsu is looking for a few more good women to contribute articles to our site. We pride ourselves on being a platform for females in combat sports to have their voices heard. Share your opinions, experiences, advice and thoughts with other ladies across the globe. This is also a great opportunity to network and learn from others who put in time on the mat. Send articles — with pictures — to

A Fetish for Female Fighters

Recently I wrote an article about the Lingerie Fighting Championships; a spoof – for lack of a better word – of women’s MMA. Basically, scantily clad female fighters jump into the Octagon and duke it out faux-MMA style. Although there is no direct reference to it being categorized as MMA, all the trimmings and fixings are there, from the shape of the cage to the submission attempts and ground and pound. To many, it’s a mockery of all the women busting their butts to get into a legit organization like the UFC, Invicta or Bellator, but for others, live and let live. However, what happens when legit fighters and organizations turn around and buy into the sexualization of the sport for profit? Recently, the UFC advertised they would be selling “used, sweaty sports bras and shorts” from fighters like Michelle Waterson, Jessica Eye, Angela Magana, Joanne Calderwood and Cortney Casey. For $1,000 you could own a piece of UFC memorabilia. Of course, the announcement got mixed reactions, especially since none of the men’s used gear was being sold. Is Dana White bordering on “pimping” his female pugilists? Before anyone jumps the gun and accuses me of calling Dana White a “pimp” or calling these women…you know, let me just say that the tradition of athletes auctioning, selling or giving away their game day uniforms (and for fighters their gloves) is as old as sports itself. However, the difference is athletes usually throw them out to a member of the audience or hands it to them, or they auction them off online, washed and autograph. And I cannot think of an... read more

Female Fighter Fetish

Is the UFC turning their female fighters into fetishes by selling their dirty, sweaty fight shorts and sports bras?

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Lingerie Fighting Championship

Is this the future for women in MMA? Will there ever be a day when women can be respected without being sexualized? What do you think?

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Flirt or Femme

It’s tough to completely let your guard down in the gym because men may read you wrong. It seems like there are only two extremes – b*tchy or flirty.

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Cool as a Cucumber

You’ve been training hard.  Your Professor says you are ready to compete. You have carefully set realistic goals.  You look forward to seeing your fellow BJJ players at the tournament. So why are you so nervous? Energy management. To compete well, you need a certain balance of focus, readiness, and excitement. Different sports use this excitement — called energy or arousal levels — to achieve peak performance. BJJ, hockey, and soccer are examples of sports in which higher excitement or energy levels can result in greater strength and aggressiveness. In contrast, other sports such as billiards, archery, and golf benefit from lower energy levels. However, you want productive energy — not anxiety, which will reduce your ability to focus on the activity at hand. The question is how to manage this energy for peak performance. Music. One way is through music. The next time you are at a tournament, look around and see how many athletes are wearing headphones, sitting by themselves, or walking around in their own quiet space. Although they look like they are “zoning out,” really they are trying to stay in the “zone” of their optimum energy level. Listening to electronic music energizes some BJJ athletes. Others listen to movie soundtracks like the Matrix. Know your optimum energy level and maintain it there. Motivational talk. We have all seen famous movies in which the coach gives a rousing half-time talk to his beleaguered team, and rallies them to a second-half victory. Although associated with team sports, athletes in individual sports like BJJ can also benefit from motivational talk if given by someone with whom the athlete feels close. Remember that the most... read more

Another Fake BJJ ‘Black Belt’ Busted

If you’re looking for a legitimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, please do your research properly and thoroughly. Your best bet would be to look up schools with reputations, then narrow it down by area. Or you can go to tournaments, watch and ask around. Do not choose a school based on price. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Skimping on price could lead to pretty crappy quality. On the flip-side, paying thousands of dollars a month may not be the best bet either. Balance between what you are looking for and a price range within your comfort zone — give or take a little on the...

Felice Herrig Not Cut Out to be a ‘Ninja’

She looks better in the cage than she does traversing an obstacle course. Felice Herrig takes a major dive on the popular obstacle course show “American Ninja Warrior.” No athlete has won the title of “American Ninja Warrior” to date, despite individuals and athletes of various sports and skill levels competing on the...

Jessamyn Duke May Have A Future in the WWE

Ronda Rousey is not the only UFC female fighter the WWE has its eye on. There have been talks about signing the organization signing Bantamweight contender and “Four Horsewomen” member Jessamyn Duke. So much so that there are already ideas for her television storyline. Word is, if Duke loses her next UFC fight against Elizabeth Phillips (who she has beaten before via guillotine choke back in 2012 as an amateur) in Chicago on July 25, executives at the WWE are looking to sign her by the company. Ronda Rousey successfully paired up with the Duane “The Rock” Johnson during a special appearance and fans of both the UFC and WWE called to see more of the Bantamweight Champion in the ring. WWE Megastar Triple H is pushing for the World Wrestling Federation to use women more as main characters and leads in the organization, as he feels Rousey proved women can carry the weight of bring high-profile “Superstars.” The WWE has already started mimicking the “Four Horsewomen” concept, which is actually a throwback reference to an old pro wrestling group that centered around “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair; but the concept has been altered to feature four “NXT Divas” instead of men. According to sources, WWE is talking about bringing Duke – a former model – to take part in the “WWE Diva Search” contest, which is a reality show contest where fans vote to see which attractive woman (or women) will become the newest “WWE Diva(s),” a term describing a female wrestler inside the...

Torres: ‘I Would Be A Better Fight Than Penne’

UFC strawweight Tecia Torres recently said in an interview that she believes her “fighting Joanna (Jedrzejczyk) is a fight fans would want to see more than (Jessica) Penne fighting the division champ.” “Who I think is going to win is Joanna. I think Jessica Penne is a good fighter. I don’t know if I see Joanna TKOing Jessica like she did to Carla, because I think Carla’s striking is not as good as Penne’s.” Torres outlined the fight as she sees it: “If it goes to the ground, Penne has a chance of submitting Joanna, but I don’t think she’s going to be able to bring it to the ground. Carla couldn’t do it, and she was basically the best wrestler in the division. So I think it’s going to be a fight on the feet, but I think Joanna is bigger than Penne and stronger, so I think she’s going to win.” Torres is scheduled to fight at UFC 188 Saturday, June...

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Looking For Every Day MaMAs

What’s tougher than training and competing regularly? Training and competing regularly while being a mom! Girl-Jitsu wants to highlight those Pretty.Tough. moms who somehow find the time to do it all: train, compete, work and raise a family. If you know of any email us at so we can spotlight them on our web site. We look forward to your submissions!


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor

Kloe “Bug” Darcey

Nickname: “Bug”

Age: 12 (As of August 2015)

Home: Saint Augstine, Fl

Training Schedule: 3-­4 days a week

Years of Training: 5 1/2

Academy Affiliate: Roberto Traven BJJ

Gym/school: Fighting Chance BJJ

Coaches: Kevin Synan (black belt)

Christy Synan (brown belt)

Julian Synan (brown belt)

Tournament Record: 13­3 ­ Total number of tournament matches 16 (As of August 2015)

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Tiffany C.

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