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2015 All Female Fighter Calendars Available Now!

Girl-Jitsu proudly presents its third annual All Female Fighter Calendar. Check out some of the most talented women in combat sports and fitness in this one-of-a-kind collectors item. We feature fighters and competitors of all skill levels; all nationalities and backgrounds, and all disciplines. Don’t be left out. Get yours today!

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My Asperger’s Syndrome: An Inside Look (Part II)

By Nicholle Stoller Wow! I really wasn’t expecting such a huge response from part 1! I thought a few of my friends might read it and find it interesting. Let’s just say the last week has been a bit overwhelming. Thank you everyone! My parents read it as well, and I... read more

Why do we work out during the Holidays?

Ok, it’s that time of year. Tournaments are done for the most part, and there is sparse attendance in class. So why do those who still train during this time of year … well, still train? Why not take a break?

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Shannon Pickering

My name is Shannon Pickering. I am a 15 year old female. I have been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since I was 8 years old. The gym I train at is Stealth Fighting Arts/ Wollondilly BJJ, Bargo.
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If she wasn’t THAT good, how come she beat you?

Excuses are tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness. Those who specialize in them are seldom good in anything else.
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Gezary Matuda

Name: Gezary Matuda
Birthday: July 12
Hometown: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil (resides Coconut Creek, Florida)
School/Training Camp: American Top Team (Coconut Creek, Florida)
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My Asperger's Syndrome: An Inside Look (Part I)

This is a post I’ve had in my brain for quite a while, debating on if I should share, and decided to just go for it. Hopefully it ends up making sense!
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Q & A with Cheyanne Vlismas

The term “fighter” automatically conjures up a certain image. The truth is, fighters come in all shapes, sizes and from various backgrounds. However, all fighters share common traits:
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Every Day (Super) MaMA: Carol Ann Williams

As a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a women’s self-defense instructor, and, most recently, an NPC bikini competitor, Carol Ann Williams is clearly a multi-talented athlete and professional, not to mention a woman capable of shattering certain stereotypes. I... read more

How to Train Smart

In order to have the longevity in participating in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it starts off with making smart, well-thought out choices.  Smart choices will prevent injuries; prevent egos from being blown, and will increase the conduciveness to a happy training...

Shannon Pickering

My name is Shannon Pickering. I am a 15 year old female. I have been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since I was 8 years old. The gym I train at is Stealth Fighting Arts/ Wollondilly BJJ, Bargo. I have been competing at state event since I was 9 years old. I train 4-6 days...

It's Almost Tournament Season!

It’s right around the corner – tournament season! After a month (in some cases two) of kicking back and relaxing and enjoying your time off, tournament season is rapidly approaching. That means training….tough, brutal training! Girl-Jitsu wants to keep up with any and all tournaments, especially those with numerous women competing. If you know of any upcoming legitimate tournaments, let us know. Email us at


Looking For Every Day MaMAs

What’s tougher than training and competing regularly? Training and competing regularly while being a mom! Girl-Jitsu wants to highlight those Pretty.Tough. moms who somehow find the time to do it all: train, compete, work and raise a family. If you know of any email us at so we can spotlight them on our web site. We look forward to your submissions!

Cheyanne Vlismas

Cheyanne Vlismas

MMA Fighter

Name: Cheyanne “The Warrior Princess” Vlismas

Birthday: June 25, 1995

Hometown: St. Petersburg and East Lake, Florida

School/Training Camp: UFC Gym; Gracie Tampa, North, Gator MMA

Discipline(s): MMA, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai

If you want to contact Cheyanne, you can do so at

Thanks again, Girl-Jitsu!
You all have done wonders for our program… we SO appreciate the love.

Beth T.

I’m so glad for Girl-Jitsu. They listen to their audience and make us women feel like we have a say in what we want to buy and how we want to train.

Tiffany C.

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